Longitudinal Clinical Experience (LCE)

On September 3, the MD Program at Schulich welcomed its Class of 2023, the first class to take part in the newly updated curriculum.  This new curriculum has been the product of two years' worth of hard work and dedication from many Schulich Faculty, including many members of our Department.  With a focus on generalism and a transition of the program towards the CBME framework being the primary drivers of this curricular revamp, our Department is well positioned to provide early guidance to our medical students.  In particular, the Longitudinal Clinical Experience (LCE) in Family Medicine is an excellent opportunity to expose students to Family Medicine early in their careers.  Thank you to the many DoFM faculty who have volunteered to participate in this flagship program for the new curriculum.  To help support you, and answer any remaining questions regarding this program, the September Faculty Development session will be focussed on the LCE and the new curriculum.