Innovation in Education

The annual Obstetrical Skills Workshop for PGY1 residents was held on November 6. Residents learned how to perform many key obstetrical procedures including artificial rupture of membranes, performing a vaginal delivery, perineum repairs and knot-tying to name a few. The day was a tremendous success, and we would like to extend a big thank you to all of those involved in the planning of and teaching at this cutting edge simulation-based workshop.

"Obstetrical Skills day was a great way to refresh my knowledge on common OB skills in a rapid fire, engaging way," said Dr. Fei Fei Shao, family medicine resident.

The perineal repairs station proved very popular with residents who don't often get many opportunities to practice those skills during residency training.

"I thought the video teaching format was great, especially in demonstrating alternative methods," said Dr. Shao.