Graduate Program Report

Dr. Judith Brown attended FMF in Vancouver and NAPCRG in Toronto where she had an opportunity to recruit for the MClSc and PhD programs. 

We extend our Congratulations to the Graduate Program MClSc Student / Alumni FMF Award Winners that were celebrated at FMF 2019.

Dr. Kamila Premji (current PhD student)

Canadian Family Physician Best Original Research Article

Dr. David Snadden (Alumni - 1991)

Calvin L. Gutkin Family Medicine Ambassador Award

Dr. Katherine Stringer (Alumni - 2016)

Bruce Halliday Award for Care of the Disabled

Dr. Stefan Grzybowski (Alumni - 1990)

CFPC Lifetime Achievement Awards in Family Medicine Research

Dr. Kevin Pottie (Alumni - 2001)

Daniel Glazier Research Grant in Adolescent Mental Health and Substance Abuse