New Patient Engagement in Primary Health Care Research online training program launched

On behalf of our team, I am pleased to announce that the Patient-Oriented Research Training and Learning – Primary Health Care (PORTL-PHC) program is now online!

PORTL-PHC is designed to meet the learning needs of stakeholders (patients, researchers, clinicians, and decision-makers) who are interested in engaging in, or using, patient-oriented primary health care research.

The training program is free, online, and self-directed.  It includes four inter-linked modules: 1) Patient Priorities and Patient Engagement in Primary Health Care; 2) Methods and Examples of Patient Engagement in Primary Health Care Research; 3) Skills Development in Patient Engagement and Patient-Oriented Research; 4) Applying Patient-Oriented Research in the Learner’s Own Context.

Learners who complete the training will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation in the program. 

PORTL-PHC is an Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit-funded initiative and was developed with the support of INSPIRE-PHC, CRaNHR and the Patient Engagement Resource Centre.  The PORTL-PHC training program is hosted on the OWL online platform housed at Western.

For more information, please see the following PDF bulletin.

If you wish to take part in the program, please sign-up by contacting Rob Van Hoorn, Program Coordinator for PORTL-PHC at to get started.

We also ask that you share this information with those who may be interested in the PORTL-PHC program. 

Amanda Terry