New Grant Funding

Several Centre for Studies in Family Medicine faculty have been awarded new research grant funding. Faculty include Maria Mathews, PhD, Shannon Sibbald, PhD, Bridget Ryan, PhD, and Judith Belle Brown, PhD.

Title: Increasing Indigenous Participation in the Physician Workforce
Nominated Principal Investigator: Maria Mathews
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Shea
Co-Applicants include: Bourgeault IL, Emily G,Bombay A, Doria NC, Lukewich J,Myers A.
Canadian Health of Health Research (CIHR Project Grant)
$100,000, one-year bridge funding

Title: An exploration of the characteristics of family physicians with and without family medicine (CCFP) credentials.
An Accelerator one-year grant from Western - $50,000
Co-Applicants include:  Steve Wetmore, Jamie Wickett, Yayuan Zhu, Michael Green

Title: Implementing Excellence: Spreading Interprofessional Team-based Care for Chronic Disease Management.
Lawson Internal Research Fund Pilot Competition.
Investigators: Sibbald S, Cristancho S, Ryan BL, Brown JB, Licskai C, Malik S.
$14, 976. (2019-2021)

Title: Supporting Transformation in Care: Implementing and Evaluating Community Paramedics in Southwestern Ontario. 
Western Strategic Support for CIHR Success.
Investigators: Sibbald S, Ryan BL, Malik  S, Cristancho S, Dainty K.
$24, 310 (2019-2020)