Trillium Primary Health Care Research Day 2017

The INSPIRE-PHC Program, led by Moira Stewart, PhD, Centre for Studies in Family Medicine, hosted another successful Trillium Primary Health Care Research Day on May 31 in Toronto. There were 115 participants, 58 (poster and oral) research presentations from PHC researchers across the province, a distinguished lecture, keynote panel and two workshops. See the Trillium Research Day website for more details and a copy of the program (including all presentation abstracts).

Dr. Sonny Cejic, site director at the Byron Family Medical Centre, participated as a panel member in the Martin Bass Keynote Address entitled “Using Primary Health Care EMR data for Quality Improvement: Stakeholder Voices”.  This address, named after the former Director of the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine, included a panel of four stakeholder perspectives: practitioner, patient, researcher and policy maker. Dr. Cejic represented the practitioner perspective very well and joined Tracey Carr, Dr. Karen Tu and Dr. Joshua Tepper in providing a broad view of the topic.

The London contingent was very strong this year with many full time researchers, academic clinicians and graduate students attending and presenting. Thank you for your participation in this Ontario Primary Health Care Research event. We hope to see you again next year.

Those who presented research from the Department of Family Medicine here at Western were:

  • Jessica Howard presented a poster “COPD Self-Management Education Group: A Program Evaluation
  • Daniel Léger and Michael Craig presented a poster “Educational Phone Calls to Reduce Excess Use of Vitamin B12 Injections in a Rural Family Medicine Clinic: A Program Evaluation
  • Tom Freeman presented a poster “Comparing Abdominal Pain Symptoms and Their Clinical Implications: A Study Using Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Data From The Deliver Primary Healthcare Information (DELPHI) Database
  • Lauren Siegel presented a poster “The Physical Environment in a Palliative Care Unit: What Matters Most to Patients
  • Bridget Ryan, PhD provided an oral presentation on “Characterizing Multimorbidity in Ontario: An ICES Population Cohort Study
  • Judith Belle Brown, PhD provided an oral presentation on “Meaningful Engagement for Health System Change: Family Physicians’ Perspectives” and a poster “Patients’ Experiences with Ontario Health Links
  • Shannon Sibbald, PhD provided an oral presentation on “Improving Care for Patients with COPD Through an Integrated Team Approach: The INSPIRED Story” and a poster “ICOPE Teams for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
  • Anna Pawelec-Brzychczy and Stacy Valiquet presented a poster “How confident and experienced are International Medical Graduates  (IMGs) with CANMEDS-FM roles prior to starting residency program?
  • Heather Maddocks, PhD provided an oral presentation on “The Characteristics of Consistently High Primary Healthcare Users in an Electronic Medical Record Database” and a poster “Periodic Health Visits: They’re Complicated
  • Nusrat Jamil presented a poster “Lung Cancer Screening Practices and Factors Influencing the Decision-Making of Family Physicians in Saskatchewan
  • Kamila Premji provided an oral presentation on “Understanding Ontario Patients’ Perceptions of Access to Primary Care: A Multi-Dimensional Approach