Community News – Entering the world of research

It is increasingly becoming known that research is important for patient care.

The Department of Family Medicine would like to encourage and aid in our community faculty entering the world of research and has welcomed Ms. Lauren Siegel in the role of Clinical Faculty Research Coordinator.

Siegel’s role can help address some of the current barriers our community faculty face when it comes to beginning and/or completing research projects, and help community faculty to meet academic appointment research requirements.

Depending on your previous research experience, and comfort level, Siegel will take you through a step by step process, beginning with developing a research question and moving all the way through disseminating your results.

Interested community faculty are encouraged to contact Siegel to initiate a first meeting, either in person, or by phone.

“I sit down with the faculty member and discuss their interests,” said Siegel.

The process then unfolds as follows. Siegel is available to help with a literature review (past and present), come up with a research design, based on the existing literature and fit, complete the ethics application, help conduct the study, by way of participant recruitment, data testing and analysis, and will then look into journals and conferences to submit the research project to. Finally, Siegel is available to help write abstracts, summaries and to create a poster.

“Research is important for the pursuit of evidence-based practice (and for faculty) to develop the ability to ask critical questions and apply the knowledge gained in the care of their patients,” said Siegel.

Siegel aims to help our faculty to gain confidence in their research skills, alleviate feelings of intimidation regarding research, and reduce time constraint in the hopes that all faculty members can position themselves as ‘physician scholars’ that are engaged in and publishing research.

If you are interested in research and would like assistance please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Lauren Siegel by email, or phone at 519.661.2111 x.84419.