Primary Care Obstetrics Grand Rounds: Soft Markers on Second Trimester Ultrasound: What Matters and Why?

Join us for Primary Care Obstetrics Grand Rounds on Thursday, September 16, 2021, to be held via ZOOM from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. Dr. Sarah Plante PGY3 Family Medicine Enhanced Skills (Obstetrics), will present, "Soft Markers on Second Trimester Ultrasound: What Matters and Why?"

Zoom link:

Learning Objectives:

By providing primary care obstetrics providers a forum for knowledge transference, discussion
and critical appraisal, at the end of the Primary Care Obstetrics Grand Rounds program
participants will:

  1. Apply pertinent and relevant clinical practice knowledge and guidelines for primary care
    obstetrics practitioners including a forum for discussion and critical appraisal;
  2. Employ obstetrics research in order to promote best practice in primary care obstetrics;
  3. Apply new policies and review existing policies from the national to the institutional level
    that impact the clinical practice of primary care obstetrics.


At the conclusion of these Grand Rounds, participants will:

  1. Evaluate the use of the second-trimester ultrasound as a screening test in the context of
    existing options for maternal screening for aneuploidies;
  2. Review the various soft marker findings and their recommended follow-up based on
    national guidelines and local practices; and
  3. Recognize the importance of patient-centred counselling prior to, during, and after
    antenatal genetic screening.


25% interaction will be included (Q&A)
Location: ZOOM meeting (no on location participation)
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