The Angelika F. Hahn Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching

Generously Sponsored by Harriet and James Ross

The Angelika F. Hahn Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching was established in 2012 to honour Dr. Angelika F. Hahn’s contributions to the clinical education of a generation of neurologists.

As a clinical teacher, Dr. Hahn’s legacy is one of unwavering passion for clinical neurological science.  Over decades, her example  inspired students and colleagues in three ways: by her emphasis on a detailed neurologic history, where attentive listening and strategic questioning lead toward a diagnosis; by her elegant, skilled neurologic examination; and by focused laboratory investigations guided by current scientific knowledge. Underlying her exacting standards and her demands for excellence was her dedication to students and residents and her desire to see them reach their potential.

The Angelika F. Hahn Award is given annually to a clinician who has displayed excellence in clinical teaching in the neurosciences. Nominations may come from medical students, residents, or faculty. If a faculty member nominates a colleague, the nomination must be seconded by a student or resident. A resident or fellow may also be nominated for this award.

The winner of the award will be an individual who embodies the spirit of clinical teaching exemplified by Dr. Hahn, namely:

  • Passion for teaching
  • Attention to detail in developing the clinical skills of learners
  • Dedication of time and effort devoted to clinical teaching
  • Evidence of significant influence on students or residents

Nominations must include a letter of support that describes the candidate’s contributions to clinical teaching and influence on students and residents.

Recipients of the Angelika F. Hahn Award will be ineligible for consideration for the subsequent 5 years.

2020 Nominations

The 2020 Nominations for the Angelika F. Hahn Excellence in Teaching Award are now being accepted. Please submit your nominations via email to Ashley Shaw, All nominations must be submitted by November 30th and the adjudication process will take place at the December Education Committee meeting.

One senior neurosurgery resident and one senior neurology resident will be asked to serve on the Award Committee. These residents may not be involved in the nominations. If you are interested in serving on the Award Committee, please contact Ashley Shaw


Congratulations to the 2019 recipient of the Angelika F. Hahn Award for Clinical Teaching:
Dr. Wai Ng


From left to right, Dr. David Steven, Chair/Chief of the Department of CNS, Dr. Angelika F. Hahn, Award Honour, Harriet and James Ross, Award Sponsors, Dr. Wai Ng, Award Recipient, and Dr. Shannon Venance,  Director of CNS Education.

Past Recipients:

2013: Dr. Michael Nicolle
2014: Dr. Shannon Venance
2015: (Tie) Drs. Jorge Burneo and Mel Boulton
2016: Dr. Mary Jenkins
2017: Dr. Andrew Parrent
2018: Dr. Anita Florendo-Cumbermack
2019: Dr. Wai Ng