The Dr. John H. Kreeft Headache Clinic at University Hospital is dedicated to the diagnosis and management of patients with complicated headache or facial pain problems.

The Clinic participates in trials for the prevention and treatment of headache. The treatment of complicated headaches and facial pain requires a wide array of diagnostic and therapeutic measures. The initial team that assesses patients with complicated headache consists of a nurse, who reviews the patient's history and a neurologist who analyses the history with the nurse and then examines the patient and then with the patient agrees upon an initial diagnostic and therapeutic plan.

Training Opportunities


During scheduled academic half-days, neurology residents will study primary headache syndromes including migraine, cluster, tension and less common headache syndromes such as IIH, intracranial hypotension, SUNCT, post-concussive etc. 

If you are interested in spending a clinic day and/or elective rotation at the headache clinic - please contact Dr. Lik Hang Tommy Chan at tommy.chan@lhsc.on.ca

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Research Opportunities

If you are interested in conducting cerebrovascular research or are interested in assisting in ongoing research by our faculty, visit their bio pages for information on their specific research interests and how to get in touch.

If you are interested in conducting headache research or are interesting in assisting in ongoing research, please contact Dr. Lik Hang Tommy Chan at tommy.chan@lhsc.on.ca

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