Multiple Sclerosis


The Multiple Sclerosis Clinic is a patient-centered, interdisciplinary team of professionals who provide management and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and related disorders. Additionally, the clinic conducts cutting edge clinical and laboratory research with local partners, such as Western University and Robarts Institute, and in collaboration with national and international research partners.

There are currently three Multiple Sclerosis specialists running their clinics and offering patient-centered care for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. The clinic is supported by inter-disciplinary care practiioners and fellows; residents often rotate through these clinics. Faculty often conduct clinical research in different aspects of the disease and its management

Training Opportunities


During scheduled academic half-days, neurology residents will demyelinating disease topics including:

Core Topics

  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of multiple sclerosis
  • Management of MS
  • Other demyelinating diseases

Special Topics

  • Basic neuroscience: current concepts of MS pathogenesis
  • Basic neuroscience: imaging in demyelinating diseases
  • Neuropathology: MS and other demyelinating diseases

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Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Fellowship

Main Contact: Courtney Casserly, MD, FRCPC

Phone: (519) 663-3133
Fax: (519) 663-3107
London Health Sciences Centre
University Hospital
339 Windermere Road
London Ontario Canada
N6A 5A5

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Postdoctoral, Graduate, and Undergraduate

Faculty members working in MS provide opportunities to conduct both clinical and research fellowships. CNS offers training opportunities for residents, undergraduate medical students and graduate students in multiple sclerosis research. Opportunities for MSc, PhD, and Postdoctoral candidates are also available upon request. 

Research Opportunities

If you are interested in conducting research on multiple sclerosis or are interested in assisting in ongoing research by our faculty, visit their bio pages for information on their specific research interests and how to get in touch.