Course and Module Updates

We will post updates to courses and modules when changes have been approved but are not yet reflected in the Academic Calendar.

Anatomy and Cell Biology 3319:

Anatomy and Cell Biology 3319 will be offered for the last time during the summer of 2019. Beginning in September, this full-year course will be replaced by two half courses:

  • Anatomy and Cell Biology 3200A - Functional Human Neuroanatomy
  • Anatomy and Cell Biology 2200B - Systemic Anatomy of the Human Body

Pharmacology 2060A/B:

Pharmacology 2060A/B will be restricted to students in the Nursing program as of September 1, 2020. This course will be available to non-Nursing students during the summers of 2019 and 2020, and during the Fall/Winter of 2109/20.

Biochemistry 3392F/G (Synthetic Biology: Principle and Practice):

Biochemistry 3392G has been approved as a new course for 2019/20 and will be offered in second term (January - April). This course will be mandatory in the new Honors Specialization in Synthetic Biology (yet to receive formal approval) that will lead to graduation with a BSc degree granted by the Faculty of Science.