Summer Course Registration

The Summer Guide provides detailed information on course registration, sessional dates, and course descriptions for the Spring/Summer Term (May - August) at Western.

See the Academic Calendar for the maximum course load during the summer months and contact the Academic Counselling Office in NCB 280 if you have questions about the maximum course load.

NOTE: Students can graduate at Spring Convocation and still take courses at Western in the summer.

Information in the Summer Guide:

Summer Sessions

  • Distance Studies (online courses): May 6 - July 26
  • Summer Evening: May 6 - July 26
  • Intersession: May 13 - June 21
  • Summer Day: July 8 - August 16

Basic Medical Science courses offered online during the summer

The courses below are offered online ("Distance Studies") this summer:

  • Anatomy and Cell Biology 3309 (Mammalian Histology)
  • Anatomy and Cell Biology 3319 (Systemic Human Anatomy)
  • Biochemistry 2280A (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
  • Medical Sciences 4931G (Selected Topics in Medical Sciences)
  • Pharmacology 2060A (Introductory Pharmacology and Therapeutics)
  • Physiology 2130 (Human Physiology)

Registration Information

There are two steps for summer registration: (i) Summer Activation, and (ii) Registering for a course(s).

The pages referenced below are in the Summer Guide

  • Summer Activation (begins February 1): see page 14
  • Registering for a course(s): see page 14
  • When to register: registration for all sessions begins on March 4 at 9:30 a.m.
    • see page 43 of the Summer Guide for more important dates
  • Courses offered: see pages 18-28 for the different summer sessions and pages 29-42 for the course descriptions