Course/Instructor Evaluations

Course/instructor evaluations allow every student at Western the opportunity to provide constructive feedback on their experience in their courses

The evaluations serve 3 very important purposes.  They provide:

  • Valuable feedback to the instructor to improve the course and instruction
  • Important information on teaching ability
  • A numeric evaluation for courses for all students at Western to view

Evaluations are anonymous and summaries are not given to the instructor until the final student grades have been submitted.  Comments about the course is given to the instructor and the Chair of the Department.  Comments about the instructor are only seen by the instructor.

At the end of each course, all students will complete a course/instructor evaluation.  Past evaluations can be helpful when choosing  courses and/or different sections of the same course.  

All evaluations are posted to the Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching website. Users must log-in using their Western ID and password.  You can search by an instructor's name or by course.