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Student Testimonials

The best indicator of the success of the BMSc Program are our students. Meet some of our current students and graduates and learn what they love(d) most about the BMSc Program and Western.

Current Students


Alyssa Francis, Year 3 BMSc

Alyssa encourages students to consider Western if you are looking for a university with countless opportunities in leadership and academics that will challenge you and help you grow as a person. Meet Alyssa.


Catherine Zhu, Year 4 BMSc

Catherine always knew that she loved science so choosing the BMSc Program was an easy one. Meet Catherine.



Kara Ruicci, BMSc '15, MD/PhD candidate

Research opportunities and interactions with passionate mentors heightened Kara's interest in the world of academic research and led her to pursue a MD/PhD. Meet Kara.


Brianne Robinson, BMSc'16, MD Candidate

Western provided Brianne with the opportunity to explore research, partake on an internship, participate in varsity sport and to study what she loved. Meet Brianne.


Jonathan Rom, BMSc'15, Masters of Public Health candidate

An interdisciplinary study of the basic medical sciences provided Jonathan with insights into studying health care in patient populations. Meet Jonathan.

BMSc students and Alumni: 

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