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Spring Convocation for BMSc and Neuroscience students is usually held on the Thursday morning during the first week of convocation ceremonies. The Convocation ceremony begins at 10:00 but students and guests must arrive earlier - details about Convocation can be found on the Convocation website.

The deadline to apply to graduate at Spring Convocation is April 30th. Go to Student Centre to apply to graduate.

Spring Convocation for BMSc and Neuroscience is June 15, 2017

Each BMSc and Neuroscience graduate will receive 4 tickets for their guests (information about tickets is usually sent to students in May).  Students will be notified in April if extra tickets are available for the ceremony.

Western Gold Medals and Named Awards are presented at the BMSUE Awards Ceremony, which is held in the afternoon on the day of convocation.

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October Convocation - 2017

October or Fall Convocation for Neuroscience and BMSc students will be held on Wednesday October 25 in the morning. The ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m. but graduates must report to Thames Hall, room 3120 by 8:45 a.m.

Tickets for four guests will be available beginning on October 11.

Regalia (hood and gown) must be ordered prior to the ceremony. Pre-orders by October 13 do receive a discount.

Please visit the Convocation website for information about ticktes, regalia, parking, photography, DVDs of the ceremony,

Class of 2018 Graduate Composites

Each year the BMSUE office coordinates the production of the graduate composites for students in the different Honors Specialization (HSP) modules offered by the basic medical science departments (both BMSc and BSc), BMSc Honors Double Majors and the HSP in Neuroscience.

Photos are taken by Lifetouch Photography at UCC. A graduate photo sitting costs $25 and includes 10-13 proofs in regalia or casual attire. If you would like to be included on the composite you need to indicate this to Lifetouch at the time of your sitting by giving them the composite code number assigned to your composite (see below).  Lifetouch has a list of BMSc and Neuroscience students so they should know where you belong.  No additional purchase (besides the sitting fee) is required to be included in the composite.

Many of our modules only have 10-20 students so the idea of the composite should be promoted within your module as it is always nice to have a fair representation of your peers in your composite. Lifetouch has indicated that they will not produce a composite if representation is poor. To be included in a composite, your graduation photo must be taken before Spring break in February 2018. It may seem like a long way off, but I suggest that you act soon as there are 4000 other students graduating next spring who may also like a graduation photo.

The Lifetouch website and access to the online booking process can be found at:

Lifetouch has reserved the week of October 30-November 3 for BMSc and Neuroscience students but you can book a date outside of this week if you are not available.

Composite codes:

Honors Specialization in Medical Biophysics (Physical, Clinical Physics, Biological and Medical Sciences conc.) - 945

Honors Specialization in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences - 993

Honors Specialization in Epidemiology and Biostatistics - 992

Honors Specializaton in Medical Health Informatics - 991

Honors Specialization in Pathology - 895

Honors Specialization in Microbiology & Immunology - 768

Honors Specialization in Microbiology & Immunology with Pathology - 768

All Honors Specialization modules offered by the Department of Biochemistry (including Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry, Biochemistry of Infection and Immunity, Biochemistry and Pathology of Human Disease, Computational Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics) - 939

Honors Specialization in Medical Cell Biology - 946

Honors Double Majors - 925

Honors Specialization in Physiology - 897

Honors Specialization in Pharmacology - 897

Honors Specialization in Physiology & Pharmacology – 897

Honors Specialization in Neuroscience - 984

Please note: 

  • The Department of Physiology & Pharmacology has requested that all HSP students be on one composite.
  • The Department of Biochemistry has requested that all HSP modules in both BSc and BMSc degrees be included on one composite.
  • The Department of Medical Biophysics has requested that all HSP modules in both BSc and BMSc degrees be included on one composite.
  • Composites will be ready for proofing for correct name, placement and photo in March 2018.  An email will be sent out asking you to review your composite, which will be posted outside of MSB 138.
  • Composites will be ready for pickup from the departmental main offices in mid April 2018.  You will receive an email  when the composites arrive.
  • Students in the Combined HBA/BMSc must have two photos (two different hoods) taken and will be included in both the HBA and the BMSc - Honors Specialization Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences graduate composite.