Advanced Research Project Courses

The Advanced Research Project course (Biochemistry 4999E) is intended for students interested in pursuing graduate-level research. This courses is generally completed during Year 4, in addition to all remaining 4000-level modular courses and electives, and following the completion of the Year 4 Research Project course (Biochemistry 4483E) in the prior summer.

Biochemistry 4999E

This laboratory course also includes lectures on literature searches, data mining, and effective communication; an independent research project (topic and advisor chosen by consultation between student and faculty); scientific communication (introduction to topic, mid-year report, seminar).

Prerequisite(s): Biochemistry 4483E or 4486E, and permission of the department.

The Advanced Research Project (Biochemistry 4999E, 1.0 credit) is offered in the fall-winter terms. The Advanced Research Project is intended for students who are enthusiastic about scientific research and would like to gain additional experience and/or proceed to the graduate program immediately after completion of their undergraduate studies (see Accelerated MSc). The Advanced Research Project can be conducted in the same laboratory as the Year 4 Summer Honors Research Project, or a different laboratory.

Importantly, students enrolled in the Advanced Research Project will be assigned an “advisory committee,” analogous in function to the graduate advisory committees currently in place for MSc and PhD students. The supervisor and advisory committee together will be responsible for providing input into the research program, as well the student’s development as a scientist.