What is Medical Sciences?

Medical Sciences is a "first-entry" program into the Faculty of Science at Western. High school students interested in studying the basic medical sciences (human biology) modules at an advanced level in the BMSc Program should select MEDICAL SCIENCES on the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC). Admission to Medical Sciences is not admission to the BMSc Program. Students are registered as Medical Sciences students in Years 1 and 2, and apply to the BMSc Program when they enter Year 3. Entry into the BMSc Program is competitive and limited but admission is assured for Medical Sciences 2 students who achieve a minimum average of 80%, with no mark less than 60%, in the Year 2 courses that are specific to the student's module of interest for Year 3 BMSc.

Quick Facts about Medical Sciences

  • The OUAC code for Medical Sciences is ESM.
  • Ontario Grade 12 courses required for admission include: Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, English and two other 4U/M courses.
  • Non-Ontario high school students should review the requirements for admission and application details on the Western Admissions website.
  • A supplemental application (essay, etc.) is not required - admission is based only on an average in the required courses.
  • High school physics is not required for admission but it is recommended as students must take physics in first year.
  • The minimum admission average for Ontario high school students has been in the low 90s on these six Grade 12 courses for the past 3 years. This average is not pre-set; it is determined by the applicant pool.
  • Approximately 800 students are admitted to Medical Sciences 1 each year.
  • Students unable to meet the admission average for Medical Sciences may still apply to the BMSc Program in Year 3. These students should apply to Science (ES) on OUAC and take the required 1000- and 2000-level courses required for the module that interests them in Year 3 BMSc. These students would apply to Year 3 BMSc through the "Competitive Pool".
  • Western will not automatically grant alternative offers to Science to those students not admitted to Medical Sciences. Only students who have also applied to Science (ES) on OUAC can be extended an "alternate" offer. Students concerned about admission averages are encouraged to apply to both ESM and ES.

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