BMSc Advantage


Why BMSc? The BMSc Program offers many advantages to meet the current and future needs of students.


  • the basic medical science departments offer Modules from a wide range of disciplines
  • students can specialize in one discipline or pursue a broad, interdisciplinary program (e.g. by completing an Honours Specialization in IMS or Double Majors in two disciplines)
  • if admitted to the Ivey School of Business, students can complete two degrees in 5 years (Combined BMSc/HBA Program)


  • students can complete an in-depth study of a particular discipline by choosing one of 21 Honours Specialization modules
  • while Major modules provide foundational courses at the second- and third-year level, Honours Specialization modules allow for an in-depth study by requiring advanced courses at the 4000-level.


  • students can choose to specialize in a particular discipline or undertake a broad, interdisciplinary program
  • an additional Major or Minor can be completed from the basic medical sciences or from a different faculty/school
  • if admitted to the Ivey School of Business, students can complete two degrees in 5 years (Combined BMSc/HBA Program)

Hands-on Experience

  • first-year courses in biology, chemistry and physics involve hands-on laboratories that bring to life the material covered in lectures
  • third-year laboratories in the basic medical sciences provide the opportunity to design experiments, participate as human subjects, etc.
  • fourth-year research projects, available in most Honours Specialization modules, give students the opportunity to experience the trials and tribulations of novel research under the supervision of a faculty member.

Research Opportunities

  • students undertake a research project under the supervision of a faculty member when enrolled in Year 4 of one of 20 Honours Specialization modules (IMS does not contain a research project)
  • additional opportunities for research experience include courses such Biochemistry 3383F/G and Medical Biophysics 3970Z
  • summer research opportunities include NSERC USRAs and volunteering in the labs of faculty members
  • the Scholar's Electives program allows students to undertake a research project in Years 2 and 3, under the supervision of a faculty member
  • A few Accelerated Masters Programs are available for students with significant research experience in their undergraduate programs.

Beyond the Classroom

Preparation for Graduate and Professional programs

  • completing an Honours Specialization that contains a research project in Year 4 is great preparation for graduate (Masters/PhD) programs.
  • many BMSc graduates are admitted to professional schools/programs such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, etc.  The modules within the BMSc Program often provide many of the prerequisite courses needed for admission to such programs

After Graduation

The Western Experience

  • the Western experience is so much more that what students learn in the classroom!
  • visit Welcome to Western and learn why Western is such a great place to study and grow!