Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization in Surgery

Surgery members participating in ILookLikeASurgeon online campaign
Surgery members participate in the #ILookLikeASurgeon online campaign.

Efforts are underway within the Department of Surgery to encourage a supportive and equitable environment, with a number of projects being carried out by several residents and faculty members in various divisions. 

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization in Surgery Committee

The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization in Surgery Committee is chaired by Drs. Muriel Brackstone, Professor, Division of General Surgery, and Dr. Douglas Ross, Professor, Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. The Committee aims to assist undergraduate students, residents, and faculty in ensuring positive and supportive personal, academic, and work environments.

Seeking to establish the Department of Surgery at Western as a national leader in this area, the Committee will focus on identifying structural and systemic barriers and collaborate with members at all levels of the university and hospital to modify these barriers and enhance equity and fairness for all. Another priority for the Committee is to provide opportunities for encouraging scholarship in the field of gender & equity studies through guest lectures, Master’s of Surgery thesis projects, collaboration with other groups such as the Centre for Research & Innovation, Canadian national surgical societies, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Articles of Interest

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Webinars and Virtual Events

Perioperative Multidisciplinary Grand Rounds: Taking Action on Physician Wellbeing
January 20, 2021
Guest Speakers: Drs. Amy Rice, Andrea Lum, and Laura Foxcroft
Unspeakable: Tackling Taboo Topics in Medicine
January 28, 2021
Guest Speakers: Drs. Chris Watling, Jennifer Klasen, Kori LaDonna, Javeed Sukhera, and Taryn Taylor.

Thriving in Surgery: Is Grit Enough?
February 19, 2021 
Guest Speaker: Dr. Susan Moffatt-Bruce

Clinical Supervision: Five Reasons That It’s Harder Than We Think
April 7, 2021
Guest Speaker: Dr. Lorelei Lingard

The power of questions: Perspectives of an Indigenous Surgeon on Turtle Island
December 15, 2021
Guest Speaker: Dr. Nadine Caron

Ongoing Projects

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The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization in Surgery OWL site contains resources for further education and training.