ACT Consortium

Canada captures 4% of global clinical trials, fourth in the number of clinical trials sites, and is the G7 leader in clinical trial productivity (number of trials/population). There are around 40 research hospitals in Canada that collectively house a $2.6B research enterprise. Many research hospitals also have multiple overseas collaborations.

Accelerating Clinical Trials (ACT) Canada Consortium brings together hundreds of researchers from 28 networks, 11 trial units, patient-partners, the biotechnology industry, government, and experts in research ethics review processes, contracts, insurance, regulatory processes, patient engagement, clinical trials training, communications, and knowledge mobilization - from Nova Scotia to British Columbia and Nunavut.

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Be The Cure Campaign

Be The Cure Campaign ImageAs part of ACT's efforts to educate Canadians about how they can be a part of health research, the consortium has recently launched its "Be The Cure Campaign," which provides information about the different types of research and offers ways to take part through the clinical research database and provincial research networks. The campaign's main objective is to increase the number of people who are making a difference in health research in Canada.

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