New Dean champions innovation and global impact

Photograph of Dr. John Yoo smiling

Research is a top priority for Dr. John Yoo, the new Dean of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. His plan will focus on reaffirming the School’s commitment to being a top-tier research-intensive organization, increasing collaboration between departments and strengthening alignment between the School and its hospital partners.

“Schulich Medicine & Dentistry excels at research, and now we are looking to make an even greater global impact,” said Dr. Yoo. “Research funding remains a challenge and we, as a collective, need to look for new opportunities to be innovative and to partner in ways we have not done before.”

Dr. Yoo currently serves as Interim Chair/Chief of the Department of Paediatrics, as Fellowship Director for the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, and as a Professor of Otolaryngology and Oncology. Prior to these roles, he served as Chair/Chief of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery for 10 years.

“If there is anything I have learned during my life, it’s that relationships matter. As colleagues and leaders, our job is to help identify mutual interests, foster collaborations and forge partnerships,” he said.

It’s a philosophy that he will bring with him to his first term, beginning on May 1, 2020.

With his first 100 days in sight, Dr. Yoo has what he describes as “a valuable perspective of the organization,” but he is also aware of the need to learn more. As an internal appointee, he wants to be careful not to suffer from biases that can arise from an incomplete picture of the whole.

He said he looks forward to understanding the School more deeply by meeting as many people as he can.

“I am excited by the incredible talent and capacity of our faculty, students, and community,” he said.  “I am excited that I will be in a position to advocate and promote the amazing things that our School does. And I’m excited by the opportunity we have to be the living example for the world of how a faculty of medicine and dentistry can play a central role within an integrated community of research, education and clinical excellence.”

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