Pathology CME Sites

College of American Pathologists Cancer Protocols and Checklists
Cancer Protocols and Checklists for most organ sites

Hardin Directory
Metadirectory with images and links to other medical sites

Pathology Outlines
Surgical pathology outlines with links to journal articles and images

Johns Hopkins Pathology Pancreatic Cancer Website
Images and diagnostic guidelines

The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education – Mercer University School of Medicine 
Tutorial, images, quizzes

Pathology Education Instructional Resource – University of Alabama at Birmingham

Health on the Net Foundation 

The Virtual Slidebox – University of Iowa 
Case studies

Links to other Pathology sites

Derm Atlas
Dermatology images

Cytology Stuff

Literature Searching

Western Shared Library Catalogue
To access electronic journals through the Western University library system

LHSC Electronic Journal Access
To access electronic journals through the LHSC library system

Search Medline through PubMed