There are several good repositories of pathology images, question banks and cases on the Internet. Several of these offer free access to their resources or access via membership in a consortium.

NOTE: Please acknowledge the author of any material used in classroom presentations or for teaching purposes. In all cases PLEASE RESPECT COPYRIGHT and either gain permission for use or access another source. If you are unsure of the copyright rules assume it IS protected and ask for permission for "fair use".

Pathology Databases - Images, Questions, Cases, Additional Resources

PEIR Net - Pathology Education Internet Resources
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Images, links to additional pathology resources.

WebPath - The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education
Dr. Edward Klatt, Florida State University
Tutorial, images, quizzes. [ Note: This site is copyright protected. A copy of the WebPath and Neuropath CDs is available in the office. ]
Also see AIDS Pathology Tutorial on this site.

The Virtual Slidebox - University of Iowa
Includes several, searchable collections of histology and histopathology slides. Also a series of cases which include case histories as well as gross and microscope sections to illustrate case material (see additional material at

HEAL - Health Education Assets Library
A mutlimedia repository for collaborative use of images, text, html pages, multimedia resources for health and medical education. A large number of the items in the database are derived from Pathology collections across the U.S.

Pathology Indices on the Web

Martindale's Health Science Guide
Links to Pathology sites (and other biomedical resources) for images, cases, course materials, exams, etc.

PEIR Net - Pathology Education Internet Resources
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Images, links to additional pathology resources.

Case Studies and On-line Tutorials

University of Pittsburgh - Department of Pathology
On-line access to many of their cases. Also cases and question bank available on CD-ROM.

SEER's Training Web Site
The SEER site (the U.S. National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program) provides a number of excellent tutorials on cancer surveillance, and coding and classification of site-specific cancers.

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology
Information on annual meetings, educational offerings and materials online, Pathology knowledge hub.

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
General news site sponsored by Medscape (WebMD) and ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathologists). Includes news, original articles, conference proceedings and summaries, case studies, etc. Registration is required but it is free.

Virtual Microscopy

All of these sites use an interactive technology that allows you to zoom from lower to higher magnifications or pan to different areas of the slide. Special plugins may be required to work in your browser.

Radiology Web Sites

Some sites suggested by the Department of Radiology that offer radiologic images and descriptions.


Link to a recommended anatomy database (gross and microscopic).

PaLM Zoom Background

Link to our background.