Grand Rounds Guidelines


  • We invite industry representatives to contribute to the Oncology Grand Rounds educational fund.  Sponsors will be acknowledged on the weekly poster flyer/email notifications and invited to attend. If representatives are interested, please contact Kimberly Scott for more information at Ext. 75414.
  • Funding will be distributed yearly at the beginning of May to each of the divisions/programs allocated to manage travel, speaker honorariums, etc.


  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Oncology Grand Rounds will be webcasted via Webex Events. The link will be distribute to all UWO Department of Oncology members, Department of Physics members, Cancer Research Laboratory Program members and sponsors. The link will also be available on the Grand Rounds schedule page.

Grand Round - Presenter Guidelines

During Covid-19 pandemic:

  • A Webex Events link will be provided to you ahead of time
  • Please familiarize yourself with the program before presentation day
  • Please present from an area where interruptions are less likely to occur 
  • Please send your presentation ahead of time to the Coordinator in case of video malfunction. Coordinator will email out and group can follow along while you continue to present
  • Highly recommended you use the call in number as computer microphones may add voice feedback 
  • The Head of the Department who invited you to speak will present your bio to the attendees
  • All attendees will be muted while you present. All microphones will be unmuted at the start of the Q & A period
  • At the end of the presentation, a survey will automatically be sent to all attendees. Results to be forwarded once compiled. 

PowerPoint Guidelines: (when presenting in person)

  • Use a simple PowerPoint template in landscape format.
  • Use a dark print with a plain background or light print and a plain dark background.
  • Many presenters use a dark blue background and find it effective.
  • Please arrive with the presentation already saved on a USB stick. Individual laptops will not be supported or substituted with the room's computer. The room is already set up for OTN broadcasts. 
  • Presentations done on a Mac computer do not broadcast well with OTN webcasts, so please save your presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. This will ensure that the entire presentation will be visible on-screen.
  • Try to limit your content to no more than 5 bullets of information per slide.
  • Use brief phrases instead of sentences. Employ a parallel language structure for your bullets.
  • Use simple bold tables like, pie charts or bar graphs.
  • Avoid complex tables and scatter plots.
  • Try to use at least 30-point font for text and 44-point font for headings. The recommended fonts are Arial, Tahoma and Verdana.
  • Avoid italics unless highlighting a title of a book, a scholarly journal, a title of a paper, etc.
  • Use lower case for text.
  • Your presentation should not exceed 45 - 50minutes. Please leave 10 mins - 15mins for questions at the end. 

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