Invited Speakers

Please visit our events page for the location of our invited speaker seminars. All seminars begin at 9:30 a.m.

Date Name Affiliation Seminar Title
September 29 Dr. Michael Frank Brown University "Cognitive control over learning and action in frontostriatal circuits"
October 27 Dr. Lin Mei Georgia Regents University "Synapse formation, plasticity and brain disorders"
November 24 Dr. Andrew Iwaniuk University of Lethbridge "What neuroanatomy can tell us about sensory abilities: a case study in birds"
January 12 Dr. Brian Levine Baycrest Centre "Autobiographical memory: consciousness of the subjective past in brain disease and in health"
January 26 Dr. Kang Lee University of Toronto "Perceptual and neural development of face processing: The role of experience"
March 1 Dr. Tim Griffiths Newcastle University "The Mind's Ear: Normal and Abnormal Auditory Cognition"
March 22 Dr. Lee Miller Northwestern University

"Reverse engineering somatosensation: Development of a biomimetic neuroprosthesis to restore proprioception"

April 5 Dr. Lindsay Nagamatsu Western University "The effects of exercise on executive cognitive functioning and brain health in senior women"
May 3 - Canceled Dr. Jerry Yakel National Institute of Environmental Health Science "Role of Nicotinic ACh Receptors in Hippocampal Function and Plasticity"
May 17 Dr. Lisa Saksida Western University "Cognition and the ventral visual-perirhinal-hippocampal stream: thinking outside of the boxes"