Invited Speakers

Date Name Affiliation Seminar Title
September 30 Dr. Alex Huk University of Texas at Austin "A new perspective on decision-related activity across the dorsal stream."
October 28 Dr. Dan Margoliash University of Chicago "Neuromechanics and neurodynamics in bird song singing - a new theory of motor control."
November 25 Dr. Amy Ramsey University of Toronto "Altered neurotransmitter receptors and regulatory proteins in a schizophrenic mouse model."
December 9 Dr. Psyche Loui Wesleyan University "Action and perception in the musical brain."
January 27 Dr. Louis-Eric Trudeau University of Montreal "Axonal arborization and energetic metabolism of nigral dopamine neurons"
March 3 Dr. Sheena Josselyn Neurosciences & Mental Health Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario "Making, breaking and linking memories"
March 31 Dr. Sandra Black Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario

"The Cholinergic System and Dementia: Neurodegeneration and Vascular Contributions"

April 28 Dr. Julio Martinez-Trujillo Western Unviersity "Cognitive neurophysiology of attention and working memory in the primate brain: From single units to neuronal assemblies"