Sports Medicine- London

Contact person: Ms. Lisa Beck, Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic, 3M Centre, UWO

The Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic provides Primary Care Sport Medicine care to the University’s varsity athletes, intramural athletes, other students and staff of the University. This clinic also serves the community at large, seeing community patients of all ages and of all different levels of fitness, from a variety of recreational activities. The multidisciplinary sport medicine team consists of primary care sport medicine physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, pedorthists, massage therapist, custom bracing and radiology services.

Other opportunities may also be given to rotate through the satellite clinics at Fanshawe College and/or Citi Plaza. Each of these locations offers a slightly different sport medicine experience.

Due to the seasonal nature of varsity sports, exposure to various aspects of sport medicine may differ according to the time of year. During the "varsity season”, physicians at the Sport Medicine Clinic see many of the western varsity athletes and also provide medical coverage for home games involving both Men’s and Women’s varsity teams. During the varsity "off season” we see many more community athletes,  including athletes from the local high schools, community teams, clubs and many other recreational athletes.

During the elective time at the clinic, residents are often invited to attend some games at the University with the physician in charge of medical coverage. In addition to the one-on-one teaching with patients, a collection of learning materials is also available to the resident

Attendance and Participation: The resident is expected to participate as part of the medical team during clinic hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The resident is also expected to attend Primary Care Sport Medicine Rounds on Thursday mornings.  Residents are encouraged to spend some time with other members of the Sport Medicine Team at the clinic. In particular, half days of exposure to the Physiotherapy Clinic as well as ½ days in other areas of the Clinic. These will be organized for you as availability allows.

Scheduling: Can take 1 to 2 resident/block (excluding July and August).  Residents scheduled for a Sport Medicine elective are requested to contact Ms. Lisa Beck one month prior to the elective to organize the orientation session and the initial few days.