Special Project Fund

Terms of Reference

Each calendar year, the Citywide Department of Family Medicine may offer to its members two grant competitions for special projects related to improving quality of care within family medicine in London. Each grant will not exceed $7500. Where circumstances warrant, two separate projects of similar merit may be awarded up to the maximum of $7500 per competition. The maximum amount awarded in any calendar year is $15,000. Projects that would be suitable for funding include but are not limited to the following: quality improvement projects, organization of conferences or symposia, program development. Projects specifically related to education of family medicine residents or medical students will not be considered.

Applicants for these grants must be members in good standing of the Citywide Department of Family Medicine. Members may apply for one of the grants.

Applications must be submitted to the Citywide Department of Family Medicine for consideration by the Chief and Executive Committee. Project proposals will be received twice per year; the deadline for submission is April 30 and October 31. The application will be no longer than three pages in length describing the project, personnel involved, methodology, timeline, and include a proposed budget using the department’s budget template.

Dispensation of funding:

Special Project Fund awards vary in their amounts and their need for expenditure of funds over the course of time. In light of this there are two options for release of funds for Special Project Fund awards.

The awardee must choose one of the two options below for their project:

Option 1: The awardee completes the project utilizing their own funds and within the funding awarded. When the project is complete the awardee will tender a detailed Project expense report showing the nature of each expense, date and amount of the expenditures, and will submit all receipts. The funds will then be released not exceeding the amount awarded.

Option 2: For projects extending over time with multiple expenses, the awardee may have special project funds released in aliquots of approximately $1000 over the course of the project. The awardee will utilize their own funds for costs up to approximately $1000 and then apply for release of the funds by email along with a detailed expense report showing the nature of each expense, date and amount of the expenditure, and will submit all receipts. Funds will be released to cover the expenditures to that time. Further aliquots of approximately $1000 each will be released upon request, as above-noted, until the project is completed at which time there will be a complete settlement of the award upon submission of a written project summary, Statement of Revenue and Expenses and remaining receipts.

In the event that a conference or symposium to which the award is applied makes a profit, the profit will be deducted from the award.

The Citywide Department of Family Medicine reserves the right to refuse reimbursement of any expenses that exceeds that set out in the proposed budget.

Poster presentation at Annual Clinical Day in Family Medicine:

Regardless of the funding option chosen, it is expected that the recipient will present a poster at the next Annual Clinical Day in Family Medicine. The poster will describe the project and the outcomes of the project. If the project is incomplete on the date of the next Annual Clinical Day, then the poster will be a progress report. A revised poster showing the outcomes of the project is to be presented at the Annual Clinical Day following completion of the project.

As of December 2019