Staff Profile: Stacey Bastien

What do you most enjoy about your role in the Department?

People arrive to work with smiles on their faces and those smiles are still there throughout the day. Everyone has shown me nothing but warmth since my first day. I’m so grateful to be around such kind and wonderful people.

What’s been your most memorable experience while working in the Department? 

My most memorable experience while working in the department so far has been the on-site week that took place on September 18-22. I was fortunate to meet some amazing and dedicated graduate students from not only Canada but from around the world.  

What’s your greatest accomplishment?

My three children are my greatest accomplishment. They are the most amazing, creative and beautiful (inside and out) people.

What do you enjoy to do outside of work/ how do you enjoy spending your free time?

I  enjoy visiting antique shops, and going on day trips with my husband. I also love reading, especially books from my two favourite authors, Amy Tan and Isabel Allende.