Research Report

Patient Partner Program & Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Series

The CSFM patient partner program is up-and running. Please let us know if you would like to involve patient partners in your research. We have patient partners and funding to help DFM faculty involve patients in research project teams. To learn more, visit our website.

Dr. Evelyn Vingilis will present “COVID-19 and Road Safety: What Happened on Ontario Roads?” at the next Brown Bag seminar on October 18, 2023.  Contact Leslie Meredith if you would like to receive invitations to attend the informal, online, monthly seminar to learn about ongoing CSFM research.

Student Achievements

Congratulations to the following students on their successful thesis defenses:

Jennifer Xiao an epidemiology graduate student supervised by Drs. Maria Mathews, Tom Freeman, and Amanda Terry.  Jennifer’s thesis found that in the 2020 DFM post-graduate alumni survey, 60.8% of Western trainees described themselves as comprehensive doctors, 18.8% as focused doctors, 12.6% as both comprehensive AND focused doctors, and 7.8% as NEITHER comprehensive NOR focused doctors.

Gillian Young an epidemiology graduate student supervised by Drs. Maria Mathews and Bridget Ryan.  Gillian’s thesis found that the physician retention bonus programs introduced in 2003 and 2009 in Newfoundland and Labrador did not improve retention of family physicians and other specialists.

Megann Dong a health sciences graduate student supervised by Drs. Shannon Sibbald and Maria Mathews.  Megann’s thesis found that the approach to person-centred planning used by PHSS (a local organization in the community care sector) has positive impacts on the quality of life of persons-supported, staff empowerment, and community engagement.  

Approved Grant Funding

Title:Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Supporting and Strengthening the Primary Health Care Workforce

Granting Agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Planning and Dissemination Grant – Institute Community Support

Principal Investigator: Terry AL, Kueper J, Lizotte DJ

Co-Investigators: Ali S, Beleno R, Bhattacharyya O, Bjerre L, Brown JB, Cejic S, Crampton N, Garies S, Leger D, Mathews M, McKay S, Meyer M, Pinto A, Pottie K, Rayner J, Ryan BL, Stewart M, Thind A, Thompson K, Zavar A, Zwarenstein M

Funding Amount: $45,336

Grant Duration: 06/2023 – 05/2024


Title: Promoting Health Equity:  The Primary Care Diabetes Support Program

Granting Agency: London Community Foundation

Principal Investigator: Mathews M, Harris S

Funding Amount: $49,100

Grant Duration: 09/2023 – 08/2024

These funds will be used to describe the characteristics, service utilization and health outcomes of patients who are medically complex, unattached, and/or socially complex; as well as describe the ethnic diversity of the PCDSP patient population and examine characteristics, service utilization and health outcomes of patients from different ethnic groups.   

The project team is excited to have the opportunity to work with the London Community Foundation on this important area.



The following CSFM members were well received at the following events:

Congress Presentation, European Congress of Cardiology. Amsterdam NL. (August 25, 2023). “Insulin resistance without coexisting hyperglycaemia is not independently associated with cardiorespiratory fitness or its components in women”.  Rissanen AP., Rissanen J., Petrella RJ., et al.

Invited Speaker, Canadian Family Physician (CFP) Podcast: “Importance of Symptoms to the Practice of Family Medicine”. 2023 Jun 1. Dr. Nick Pimlott, Editor of CFP, hosted a discussion with Dr. Tom Freeman and Dr. Moira Stewart about the implications of paying greater attention to symptoms for patient care, research, and teaching.

 Invited Speaker, Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine SEM Fellowship Rounds. 2023 August. “Advocacy in Sport and Exercise Medicine”. Thornton J.  (virtual).

Oral Presentation, SYMPOSIUM presentation at the 83rd Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association (San Diego, June 23-26): “The epidemiology of severe hypoglycemia among older adults”.

Ratzki-Leewing A.

Poster Presentation, American Diabetes Association’s 83rd Scientific Sessions, June 2023, San Diego, California, USA. “High Incidences of Level 3 Severe Hypoglycemia Reported by T2DM Secretagogue-Users” (iNPHORM, USA). Ratzki-Leewing A, Black JE, Zou GY, Ryan BL, Harris SB.



Ali S, Thind A, Stranges S, Campbell MK, Sharma I. Investigating Health Inequality Using Trend, Decomposition and Spatial Analyses: A Study of Maternal Health Service Use in Nepal.

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