Postgraduate Report

PG Administrative Team:

  • John Berger, PG Program Coordinator, London Urban Resident scheduling and CaRMS.
  • Claudia Jarosz, PG Program Coordinator, Academic and Research Project
  • Cheryl Leystra-Lantz, PG Admin Coordinator, Student Relations
  • Liz McInnis, PG Program Education Manager
  • Laura Sparrow, PG Program Coordinator, Rural and Regional Resident scheduling and Enhanced Skills
  • Vacant Role, PG Program Coordinator, Finance and Evaluations


Dennis Sue, who was our Finance and Evaluations Program Coordinator, has taken on a new role with the Schulich CPD Office.  We miss Dennis and his many contributions to the PG Program, but we wish him all the very best on his new journey.

Postgraduate Preceptor Evaluations: Preceptor evaluations providing a summary of anonymized evaluations submitted by residents over the previous few years were released in September through One45. We appreciate everyone’s continued commitment to the teaching of our residents. Thanks so very much.

Internal PGME PG Program Review, virtual ON October 31 and November 1, 2023 – The agenda for each day has been distributed to those who are required to attend the program review.  Please note you are only required to attend during the meeting time you are scheduled for.

2024/25 Schedule Update: We have started working with our FM sites and services to plan the second-year schedule. The process of scheduling is complicated as rotations may only accommodate a certain number of residents per block. Residents with their eyes on an Enhanced Skills program are encouraged to front-end electives to strengthen their application. We consider everything from the survey results and try to provide residents with electives that reflect their interests.

PGY2 Preferences Survey:  PGY1 residents received their Rotation Preferences Survey via email in early October.  On this survey residents indicate choices for the PGY2 year. A generous deadline to complete the survey has been given so that residents may consider their options, get guidance from their Faculty Advisor, and carefully make choices. We want to ensure that plenty of time is provided to reflect now in hopes that later requests for changes to the schedule are minimized (these changes can be disruptive to services, especially if they have set their schedules and booked patients). Full instructions and details about the PGY2 Preferences Survey (including an informational video) accompanied the distribution of the survey.  If you have any questions about the rotation preferences process, please email us at

The PGY2 Preferences Survey informational video is also be available on the Family Medicine Residency site in OWL.

Faculty Advisor Program: Reminder that the purpose of the Faculty Advisor Program is to provide longitudinal mentoring, and educational support and guidance for our residents. Residents have been assigned a Faculty Advisor (the Faculty Member who will be supervising during family medicine block training). Residents are responsible for contacting their Faculty Advisor to arrange to meet three times per year. In preparation for the Faculty Advisor meeting, residents are asked to log into MyFM. There will be a tab under “Resident Assessment” where residents can download the Periodic Review Form with associated data from MyFM already populated. Before meeting with their Faculty Advisor, Residents should download the form and reflect on the relevant areas as indicated within the Periodic Review Form. During the meeting, the Resident and Faculty Advisor will complete the Periodic Review Form together within One45.

For the 1st Faculty Advisor meeting, if you do not hear from your PGY1 resident by mid-October, please reach out to them to book this first meeting and you can reiterate with them at that meeting that they are responsible for reaching out for the next meetings.

2024 CaRMS:  The 2024 CaRMS national interview period has been moved up yet again to January 2024.  It will continue to be VIRTUAL in nature, but the Interview period for 2024 will be January 15 – February 4, 2024.  References for applicants to Family Medicine will continue to require the Standardized Reference Form. 

  • Enhanced Skills National Interview Period: October 13 – December 1, 2023
  • Enhanced Skills Category 1 Interviews: November 14, 2023
  • Enhanced Skills Category 2 Interview period: TBC
  • Enhanced Skills Match Day: Dec. 13, 2023


  • Family Medicine Virtual Info Session for first year Applicants #1: Date/Time TBC: London, Regional, and Windsor Streams
  • Family Medicine Virtual Info Session for first year Applicants #2: Date/Time TBC: Rural/Distributed Core Sites


  • DOFM Interviewer Orientation: Jan. 10, 2024 (1:30 p.m.)
  • IMG Interview Date: Jan. 19, 2024
  • CMG 2024 Interview Dates: Jan. 17, 20, 21 and Jan 24, 2024
  • ROL due: Feb. 22, 2024
  • Match Day: March 19, 2024


Dr. Julie Copeland
Postgraduate Program Director