Undergraduate Report

It has been as busy fall and as we head into the Holiday season, we are hoping everyone can enjoy a well-deserved break.

What have the students been up to?

Meds 2027: Longitudinal Clinical Experience is underway with students shadowing Family Physicians hoping to bring relevance and perspective to their learning.

Meds2025: Sixteen weeks into their 50-week clerkship and finding their way. As a community, we give thanks to those Meds2025 students who will be working over the December holidays as integral members of the health care teams. Medical students, like the residents rotating on inpatient services will be working either over Christmas or New Years. 

Meds2024: Residency applications are in!! The class will be notified of interviews in the coming weeks.  Transition to MD will begin January 4, 2024 with time for mock virtual interviews built in along with the 3-week period for virtual interviews January 15 – February 2. 

Please remember to set aside time to discuss your learner's clinical encounter log book, and allow them time to fill out their faculty assessment.