Graduate Report

We hope the Holiday Season afforded you an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and get a bit of well deserved rest while keeping healthy.  Our warmest wishes for a Happy New Year!!! Here’s to a better 2022.

On the occasion of Dr. Steve Wetmore’s retirement, we would like to acknowledge his many contributions to the Graduate Programs over the years.  After graduating with his MClSc in 1999 Dr. Wetmore has consistently participated as an examiner on several thesis examinations, has served as a supervisor and reviewer of our students’ research and scholarly work with energy and enthusiasm and has provided wise and thoughtful contributions during the Graduate Studies Faculty meetings. We wish him all the best as he motors on for a healthy and happy retirement.

Graduate students are busy with the second half of their full credit courses and some are commencing an additional half credit course. 

A reminder that our Graduate Program (MClSc/PhD) applications opened January 1st.  It would be greatly appreciated if you would keep our programs in mind when speaking with residents with a strong interest in teaching/research and send them our way.

Congratulations to current MClSc student Dr. Sharon Bal on receiving the CPSO Council Award as well as being a 2021 OCFP award recipient.