Working better together to improve care for patients with complex chronic illness

Is communication the key to good care coordination between family physicians and other medical specialists? In our ongoing interviews with family physicians and other medical specialists about shared responsibility for care, specialists identify the importance of good communication with family physicians in coordinating care for patients with diabetes and congestive heart failure. For many specialists in our study, good communication means a hospital discharge summary or consultation note.

But what does good communication mean to you? Does this mean a timely hospital discharge summary or consultation note? What kind of communication is most helpful to meet your needs and the needs of your practice?

Help us understand how you collaborate with your specialist colleagues and how we can improve this collaboration! If interested, please contact Leslie Meredith ( who is coordinating this study.

This study is being led by Drs. Maria Mathews, Eric Wong and Bridget Ryan from the Department of Family Medicine and colleagues at LHSC.