Research Report

Dr. Kevin Pottie New McWhinney Chair
The Centre for Studies in Family Medicine, Department of Family Medicine welcomes Dr. Kevin Pottie in his new role as the McWhinney Chair in Family Medicine! Dr. Pottie is joining the faculty as a Clinician Scientist and Professor of Family Medicine.

Celebrating our Achievements
Congratulations to Dr. Sonja Reichert on her promotion to Associate Professor!

Grant Funding Announcement
Congratulations to Dr. Bridget Ryan and her team for recently being awarded grant funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR):   

Title: Virtual and In-Person Primary Care: Patients and Family Physicians Co-creating a Model of Care Deliver
Principal Investigator: Bridget Ryan
Co-Investigators: Amanda Terry, Tom Freeman, Judith Belle Brown, Moira Stewart, Rachelle Ashcroft, Maria Mathews, Sonja Reichert, Sonny Cejic, Keith Thompson, Paul Gill, Stephen Wetmore, Yun-Hee Choi, Mike McMahon
Funding Agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Funding Amount: $150,000
Funding Duration: one year

The overall goal of this study is to determine how best to provide virtual and in-person primary care to persons with multimorbidity in a way that ensures equitable access, continuity of care, follows patient-centred principles, and is sustainable within family physician capacity and workload. We will characterize the diverse ways patients and family physicians use virtual synchronous, virtual asynchronous and in-person care by exploring the perspectives and experiences of family physicians who provide this care and the patients with multimorbidity who receive it. We will then bring together patients and family physicians in a deliberative dialogue where they will discuss study findings and co-create a model for virtual and in-person primary care that aims to optimize patient and family physician health care experiences.

Recent Publications

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