Research Report

Despite a year of working from home and ZOOM meetings, research has continued as strong as ever in the Centre and the Department. Every month we have been either applying for grants or hearing the good news that we have been awarded new funding. Congratulations and thanks to everyone on this continued initiation and implementation of research endeavours.

Grant Funding

Title: Virtual primary care: A multi-provincial mixed methods study of access, experiences, and outcomes

Granting Agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research( CIHR), Program Grant

Principal Investigators: Hedden L, Price M

Co-Investigators: McCracken R, Halas G, Katz A, Marshall E, Grandy M, Lavergne R, Mitra G, McGrail K, Singer A, Lenskjold A, Tomblin Murphy G Sampalli , Holland M, Mathews M, Ryan B, Ashcroft R, McCabe C, Lukewich J, Lavallee D, Rubenstein D, MacKay K, Richardson C, Fernandez R, Strydom N, Bryan S, McKay M, Slade S, Yu E, Prodan-Bhalla N, Vicol L

Duration: Apr 2021 – Mar 2022.

Amount: $100,000 


Title: Understanding the Life Course Accumulation and Impact of Multiple Chronic Diseases and Multiple Prescribed Medications on the Experiences of Adults and Older Adults in Canada.

Granting Agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Institute of Aging (IA)

Co-Principal Investigators: Mangin D, Nicholson K.

Co-Investigators: Borhan S, Cossette B, Fortin M, Greiver M, Griffith L, Guenter D, Howard M, Queenan J, Stranges S, Terry AL, Williamson T. 

Collaborators: Mercer S.

Duration: Apr 2021 – Mar 2022

Amount: $100,000


Title: Primary Care reform and inequalities in the utilization of healthcare services and health status: Analyses using Canadian Community Health Surveys linked with Ontario health administrative data

Principal Investigator: Sarma SI

Co-Investigators: Mathews M, Amit G, Hajizadeh M, Hong M, Bauer GR, Ali S, Stranges S, Devlin RA, Thind A, Anderson KK.

Granting Agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Project Grant

Duration: Apr 2021 – Mar 2025

Amount: $416,924


Title: Emerging team initiative to reduce inequities in maternal and child lifestyle health

Granting agency: Western Research Interdisciplinary Development Initiatives

Principal Investigator: Mottola M.

Co-Investigators and/or other participants: Thornton J, Prapavessis H, Pila E, Nagamatsu L, Melling J, Burke S, Tucker T.

Duration: May 2021 – April 2022

Funding amount: $25,000


Title: COVID-19 - Olympic athlete adaptations: developing and disseminating adaptation strategies and resources for resilience and return to sport

Granting agency: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Partnership Engage Grant (PEG)

Principal Investigator: Schneider A

Co-Investigators and/or other participants: Thornton J, Hall C, Nolte V, Pila E.

Duration: Apr 2020 – Mar 2021

Funding amount: $23,375


Title: Western Research Hub for Physical Activity and Health

Granting agency: Western Research Interdisciplinary Development Initiatives

Principal Investigator: Thornton J

Co-Investigators and/or Other participants: Stranges S, Gilliland J, Oudshoorn A, Mottola M, Shelley J, Fenesi B, Kaniki N, Lizotte L, Rushton A, Shoemaker K

Duration: Mar 2021 – Apr 2022

Funding amount: $25,000


Title: HealtheSteps™ to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 on Chronic Disease Risk

Granting Agency: UBC The Centre of Community Engaged Learning. Advancing Community Engaged Learning Fund.

Principal Investigator: Petrella R

Duration: Mar 2021 – Apr 2022

Amount: $3,490


Recent Publications

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