Family Medicine Wellness Evenings

Thank you to the many faculty, staff and residents who joined us for our Mindfulness and Meditation zoom sessions with Diane Yeo earlier this month. It was great to see so many join in, many joined by their family members. 

We had 42 participants join by zoom for the first session and 62 for the second, including many with more than one person joining them on the zoom session. Feedback was very positive and participants felt they learned some excellent new skills.

“I have heard from many people they learned new skills they are incorporating into their day to day lives," said Dr. Susan McNair, Peer to Peer Support Lead for the Department of Family Medicine. "That is exactly what was hoped would come out of such sessions. A chance for the caregivers themselves to be cared for during these extraordinary times.” 

 “As the Peer to Peer Support Lead for the Department I encourage all members of our Department to come forward to me with any suggestions they have for additional wellness activities that could be shared by zoom within the department at this time," said Dr. McNair.