North American Primary Care Research Group - NAPCRG Annual Meeting 2020

NAPCRG 48th Annual Meeting was a virtual event held November 20 – 24. Members of the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine and the Department of Family Medicine attended the virtual event with oral and poster presentations.

Invited Live Oral Presentations

Dr. Moira Stewart presented during the live Multimorbidity/Mixed Methods Research Session on Saturday, November 21.

Dr. Judith Belle Brown presented during the live Healthcare Services, Delivery and Financing Session on Sunday November 22.  

Oral Presentations

A Patient-Centered Innovation for Patients with Multimorbidity – Mixed-Methods Study with a Trial and Qualitative Evaluation 

Presenter: Stewart M

Stewart M, Ryan BL, Boeckxstaens P, Charles J, Reichert SM, Pham TN, Zou G, Fortin M, Brown JB, Pariser P

Multimorbidity and Mortality in Ontario, Canada: A Population-based Retrospective Cohort Study

Presenter: Ryan BL

Ryan BL, Glazier R, Zwarenstein M, Fortin M, Stewart M, Shariff S, Le B, Wetmore S

Motivating and sustaining primary care leaders in health system change

Presenter: Brown JB

Thorpe C, Ryan BL, Brown JB, Clark R, Terry AL, Jan, SH


‘We’re trying to make their lives better': Engaging family physicians in health care system change

Presenter: Thorpe C

Thorpe C, Ryan BL, Brown JB, Clark R, Terry AL, Jan, SH

Poster Presentations

Capacity Building Future Primary Health Care Researchers: Impact of an Interdisciplinary Training Program           

Presenter: Terry A, Van Hoorn R, Law E

Van Hoorn R, Brown JB, Terry AL, Stewart M, Law E

Family Physician Virtual Visits during the First Wave of COVID-19 in London-Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

Presenter: Ryan BL

Ryan BL, Mathews M, Meredith L, Thompson K, Brown JB, Terry AL, Reichert SM, Cejic S, Freeman T, Stewart M