Department Spotlight: Dr. Simraaj (Simi) Powar

simi-web.jpgWhat is your education background?

I completed High School in Mississauga, Ontario. Thereafter, I enrolled in a direct route medical training program situated in Dublin, Ireland . I graduated with an honours medical degree and Bachelor of Obstetrics from the 6-year Program at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. 


Why did you choose family medicine?

Being involved in the continuity of care of individuals with meaningful patient relationships through the ‘circle of life', from preventative medicine to urgent care, and the breadth of knowledge required, resulting in an unpredictable yet challenging day, draws me to the specialty of Family Medicine. 


Why did you choose to pursue your residency at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry?

I chose the Western-Windsor Family Medicine Program because of its “family-style” Family Medicine residency program. The small tight-knit group of residents support and mentor each other towards success. After my numerous clinical rotations in the Windsor area, I understood the Western-Windsor program to be a challenging yet balanced residency program. With a 1:1 ratio, the preceptors are exceptionally motivated to enstill knowledge and practice values via their extensive clinical experiences. I hope to emulate this teaching/mentoring style during my residency towards the medical students. 


Have you had mentors throughout your training? 

I am fortunate to have worked with many empowering women in medicine who have inspired me throughout my training. 

These doctors are all experts in their respective fields, known for their excellent patient care and rapport, and are changing the landscape of females in medicine; proving ,by example, that career and family balance is not just possible, but a thriving way to be a part of the community. 


What is the greatest lesson you have learned from your patients so far?

Medical school has prepared me well from a clinical knowledge standpoint, however my patients have taught me valuable lessons about the importance of faith in healing. Touched by their hope and inner strength, i have witness patients’ spirituality when challenged with illness. The Presence of hope and resilience, based in religious and cultural practices, should be considered on their medical journey for patient-centred care.


What activities are you involved with that help bring balance in your life? How have they prepared you for residency?

I am motivated; I am dedicated; on a quest to be my best! This is the mantra, stemming from fifteen years of training in Goju Ryu Karate to achieve a black belt. This journey, beginning at East West Karate International, built my determination, respect, instilled a sense of life-long learning, taught me ways to overcome adversity and understand my limits. My long-term commitment to karate parallels my devotion to Family Medicine, and has engrained outstanding physical and mental disciplines necessary to excel in the demanding Family Medicine Residency Program. 


What TV Series are you currently watching? 

The Disney+ The imagineering story has me captivated. As an avid Disney fan and self proclaimed Mouseketeer, this behind the scenes look at the creativity and innovation required to create the Disney Parks is a real treat. From past to future, I’m astonished with the Imagineering teams pioneering the technology and how it’s been advanced for medical applications such as bioprosthetics.