Trillium Primary Health Care Research Day

Trillium Primary Health Care Research Day was held June 1, 2016 in Toronto. This conference is hosted by the INSPIRE-PHC Program led by Dr. Moira Stewart.

The event was a success with over 100 participants and 51 poster/oral presentations on Primary Health Care Research in Ontario. The distinguished lecture on innovations that integrate PHC with other sectors and the keynote on the Patients First Proposal and its implications for PHC research were well received and thought provoking.

This year researchers were encouraged to invite patients/community members as co-presenters of their research presentations. As well, a patient was included in the keynote panel and co-facilitated the workshop on community and patient engagement in primary health care research. This was an important and valuable addition to the day.

A brainstorming session to discuss the most important research agenda items for the reformed system based on the Patients First proposal yielded great ideas and discussion and will spur the PHC community on to plan and implement strong research as the system changes move forward.

Trillium presentations from Western faculty, staff and students


Challenges associated with helping patients clarify their goals: a qualitative analysis
Presenter: Pauline Boeckxstaens, Ghent University, Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care
Visiting postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine

Perspectives on integrating mental health care for youth within primary health care: family physicians are “out of the loop”
Presenter: Kyleigh Schraeder, PhD candidate C. Psych
Co-Presenters: Judith Belle Brown, PhD, and Graham Reid, PhD, Psychology

The ICES-Western faculty scholar experience – mapping multimorbidity
Presenter: Bridget Ryan, PhD.
Co-authors: Moira Stewart, Phd, Merrick Zwarenstein, MBBCh, PhD, Richard Glazier, MD, MPH, CCFP, FCFP,  Salimah Shariff, PhD, Kirsta Bray Jenkyn, PhD.

The role of team functioning in quality-improvement initiatives for chronic disease care in first nations communities in Canada: preliminary results from FORGE AHEAD
Presenter: Carolyn H. Baldwin, BsC, MD Candidate class of 2017
Authors: C.H. Baldwin, BSc, MD Candidate Class of 2017, M. Naqshbandi-Hayward, BA, MSc, S.B. Harris
MD, MPH, FCFP, FACPM, On behalf of the FORGE AHEAD Program Team

Chart auditing for quality of care in Family Medicine
Presenter: Sonny Cejic, MD, CCFP
Authors: S. Valiquet, MD, CCFP, T. Rubaiyyat, MD, CCFP, K. Klages, MSc.

Oral Presentations

Findings from nurse practitioner access report (NPAR) data analysis
Presenter:  Roberta Heale, PHC-NP, DNP, PhD(c) and Simone Dahrouge PhD, Laurentian, Bruyere Research Institute
Co-authors: Sandra Regan, RN, PhD, Western, Joan Tranmer, RN, PhD, Queens, Sharon Johnston, MD, LLM, University of Ottawa.

Abdominal pain symptoms in family Practice and their clinical Implications: a study using electronic Medical record (emr) data from the Deliver primary healthcare information (DELPHI) database
Presenter: Ian Hons, MD, Family Medicine, Heather Maddocks, PhD, Centre for Studies in Family Medicine

Multimorbidity in Canada: examining prevalence and patterns of multiple chronic diseases using a national electronic medical record database
Presenter: Kathryn Nicholson, MSc, PhD( c), Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Western