Recognizing our achievements: Magda Catani

The Department of Family Medicine would like to congratulate Ms. Magda Catani, Centre for Studies in Family Medicine, on celebrating 25 years of service to Western University. 

Ms. Catani began working at Western in 1989. She joined Family Medicine in 1991, and has remained with the department for 25 years.  Ms. Catani initially worked with Judy Brown, PhD, at the Thames Valley Family Practice Research Unit, and then three years later began her work with Dr. Stewart Harris.

"It has been a pleasure to be a member of the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine," said Ms. Catani. "I have been part of the growth of the Centre, and have seen a staff team of six evolve to over 40."

Ms. Catani values being involved in team activities, such as grant submissions and preparing for special meetings and events, and was part of the team from the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine that received the Dean's Award of Excellence – Team Award in 2010. 

Lately, she has, with a group of staff from the centre, joined the Global Corporate Challenge.

During her time at the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine, Ms. Catani has raised two daughters who have pursued their careers in nursing and teaching, and recently welcomed a healthy and charming grandson.

"I have enjoyed meeting the students and faculty, and now it is exciting for me to work at an international level," said Ms. Catani. "The projects are forever growing, expanding and evolving, making my job always interesting."

Ms. Catani was acknowledged for her service to Western at a recent President's reception.