Postgraduate Program Report

What’s New?

The academic credit reporting system has migrated into the myFM system. Starting in July the residents will be able to use the new credit reporting system. There are many new and enhanced features in this novel system. Furthermore, the credits now align with the program competencies and entrustable professional activities.

In addition, as part of the on-going implementation of the Triple C competency-based curriculum, the In-Training Evaluation Reports (ITERs) have been modified to reflect the program competencies and entrustable professional activities. The new ITERs will be rolled out starting in July.

Notable Events:

  • Resident Project Day took place on June 8th.  This was our second year of excellent Quality Improvement Projects. It was great to be able to showcase the scholarly activity of our residents. Many thanks to everybody that participated and made this day a huge success.
  • Resident Graduation took place on June 17th.  It was a wonderful evening with the graduates and their families. Congratulations to all of the award winners and best of luck to all of our graduates.