Greta Bauer, PhD 


CIHR Sex and Gender Science Chair



Research Cluster Membership

Research Interests

  • Intersectionality and research methods
  • LGBT health
  • Community-based epidemiology
  • Validity issues in observational studies
  • Methodologic and ethical issues in studying hidden populations


  • BS Health and Health Care
  • MPH Epidemiology
  • PhD Epidemiology

Current Research Research Grants

  • Epidemiological Methods in Sex- and Gender-Based Analysis Plus (SGBA+): Advancing Intersectional Approaches to Sex and Gender Science (CIHR Sex and Gender Science Chair)
  • Trans PULSE Canada: A National Survey of Transgender Health (Principal Investigator, CIHR)
  • Transgender Youth in Clinical Care: A Pan-Canadian Cohort Study of Medical, Social and Family Outcomes (Principal Investigator, CIHR)

Publications (past 5 years)

*  Indicates author was current or former student under my primary supervision.

  • Bauer GR, Lizotte DJ. Artificial intelligence, intersectionality, and the future of public health [invited editorial]. In press, American Journal of Public Health.
  • Lacombe-Duncan A, Logie CH, Newman PA, Bauer GR, Kazemi M. A qualitative study of resilience among transgender women living with HIV in response to stigma in healthcare. Online in advance of print, AIDS Care.
  • Bauer GR, Mahendran M,* Braimoh J, Alam S,* Churchill S.* Identifying visible minorities or racialized persons in surveys: Can we just ask? Canadian Journal of Public Health 2020;111:371-382.
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  • Shokoohi M,* Bauer GR, Kaida A, Milloy M-J, LloydSmith E, Lacombe-Duncan A, Logie C, Carter A, Loutfy M. A latent class analysis of the social determinants of health impacting heavy alcohol consumption among women living with HIV in Canada: The Canadian HIV Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Cohort Study. AIDS and Behavior 2019;23(12):3226-3236.
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