March 2015 Newsletter

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    Shining the spotlight on our people

    The Windsor Program Awards of Excellence celebrates the commitment and dedication of faculty, staff and students. As mentors and role models, the 2015 recipients are distinguished by their leadership skills, and embodiment of the values of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. Join us on April 16 as we shine the spotlight and celebrate the achievements of all the award recipients.

  • decorative imageAccreditation, awards and appreciation
    Accreditation, awards and appreciation - This month Gerry Cooper, associate dean, shares new about the UME accreditation, the awards of excellence recipients and share appreciation for some long time faculty who are stepping down from their posts.

  • decorative imageReaching out to the community
    From the Dunks to Dialysis event to recruitment efforts, Dr. Awuku, assistant dean, will update you on some initiatives underway that reach out to the community.

  • decorative imageAn eventful spring
    Events are the order of the day this spring. Yousif Atwan, vice president, Hippocratic Council, brings you up to date on the latest activities involving Windsor Program students.

  • decorative imageWelcome from the Essex County Medical Society
    In a new standing message, Dr. Tim O’Callahan, president, provides an overview of the role of the Society and some of their latest advocacy initiatives.

  • decorative imageSWORP funds research in imaging and language performance
    Congratulations to Mason Leschyna and Gia Gill, the 2015 SWORP award recipients.

  • decorative imageUniversity of Western Ontario Medical Journal
    Dating back to 1930, the University of Western Ontario Medical Journal) continues to provide a unique channel for disseminating the research and scholarship of students from the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

  • decorative imageCatch her if you can
    Catching up to Sabrina Botsford, Medicine Class of 2017 isn’t easy. The self-described A-type personality is taking full advantage of all the opportunities being offered to her through the medical program at Windsor – and loving every minute of it.

  • decorative imageA heartfelt journey
    It’s been a satisfying and full-circle journey for Dr. Desai who was part of the planning for the Windsor campus, and now is a faculty member

  • decorative imageFrom the desk of George Kim
    Committee work and new hires received top billing in the monthly updates from Dr. George Kim. Learn more about the next steps for the strategic plan work, and who has joined the team as new regional academic directors.

  • decorative imageCreating the best student experience in a research intensive environment
    Learn more about the UME Program’s focus on research, wellness and the importance of diversity.

  • decorative imageStrong local connection to CaRMS match
    The 2015 CaRMS match results had a strong local connection with 42 per cent of Schulich Medicine students pursuing their postgraduate medical education at Western University, and a majority of students continuing their education in the Southwestern and Central regions of Ontario.

  • decorative imageDr. Michael Strong re-appointed to a second term as Dean
    Dr. Strong has been re-appointed to a second term as Dean of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, beginning July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2021

  • decorative imageWindsor high school students get a look a life in medical school
    About 20 Windsor high school students aspiring to a career in medicine got a look under the hood of life at the Schulich Medicine - Windsor Program

  • decorative imageIn Memoriam – Dr. Nisbet
    It is with sadness that we report the passing of Dr. Colin Nisbet, respected faculty member with Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Windsor Program and Emergency Room Physician at Windsor Regional Hospital.