This Week@Schulich


Changes to This Week@Schulich and Schulich Events Calendar
In an effort to improve efficiency, engage faculty, staff and learners more effectively and provide greater exposure to the events and activities taking place across Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, changes are being made to the weekly bulletin This Week@Schulich and the use of existing online calendars.

Effective September 3, all School events that were normally only shared through This Week@Schulich will be posted to the School’s online event calendar. And This Week@Schulich will provide a summary of events taking place for the upcoming week and new events that individuals across the School might be interested in learning about.

What does this mean for you?
If you want your events shared through This Week@Schulich you still only need to fill out one form, however the good news is that by doing so, your event will not only be shared in the bulletin, it will be posted on Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s homepage events calendar and could also appear on Western’s online events calendar, as well as multiple departments and programs at the University. And because the calendar is linked to Outlook, it is very easy to add events to your own calendar.

You can access the information about how to add events to the calendar by following these directions.

August 19 is the final issue of This Week@Schulich in its current format. Anyone wanting to publicize an event from August 19 forward is encouraged to use the online calendar form.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we work through this new process and strive to build greater awareness of events and activities happening across Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.