University of Western Ontario Medical Journal

Have you read the UWOMJ?

First launched in 1930, the University of Western Ontario Medical Journal (UWOMJ) provides a unique channel for disseminating the research and scholarship of students from the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. It publishes original scholarship addressing health and medical topics of clinical, pedagogical, and historical interest. The journal is read by students, faculty members, residents and specialists within the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and individuals in the broader community.

Physicians play a key role in providing guidance and direction for students early in the publication process. Student-authors must seek out a physician with expertise in the article topic to function as a faculty reviewer. The faculty reviewer reviews the article and provides the student-author with suggestions for revisions. The student-author then submits the proposed publication, with clear acknowledgement of the faculty reviewer, for review by a UWOMJ editor. Final determination of acceptance or rejection of the publication is decided upon by the UWOMJ core editorial board. Published articles clearly acknowledge the input and guidance of the faculty reviewer.

Since 2008, students and faculty of the Schulich Medicine’s Windsor Program have been active contributors to the UWOMJ. For contributors, the journal offers a foray into publication and a means of sharing their research and valuable insights. For readers, the journal provides insights into the educational, clinical and research interests of medical students and faculty of the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

We look forward to seeing more of our students collaborate with faculty to contribute to the UWOMJ. Visit the UWOMJ website