Surgical Foundations CBME

Surgical Foundations EPAs 

Transition to Discipline (7 EPAs)

D1       Performing the preoperative preparation of patients for basic surgical procedures

D2       Recognizing and initiating early management for critically ill surgical patients

D3       Documenting clinical encounters

D4       Demonstrating handover technique

D5       Demonstrating ability to function in the operating room

D6       Repairing simple skin/incisions/lacerations

D7       Managing tubes, drains and central lines


Foundations of Discipline (8 EPAs)

F1        Providing initial management for critically ill surgical patients

F2        Providing initial management for trauma patients

F3        Assessing and performing risk optimization for preoperative patients in preparation for surgery

F4        Providing patient education and informed consent in preparation for surgical care

F5        Demonstrating the fundamental aspects of surgical procedures

F6        Participating in surgical procedures

F7        Managing uncomplicated postoperative surgical patients

F8        Managing postoperative patients with complications

F9        Supervising junior learners in the clinical setting