Acuity STAR Training Sessions

Training sessions for Acuity STAR have been scheduled once per month from January to June. Please contact Derrick Gould to register. Calender of events is available on the STAR Portal

Classes that have been added include:

STAR Interface Training classes per month (one at UH and one at VH). These classes will be taught by Jennifer Bernardo, and will cover the STAR Interface basics. Questions about where to put activities in STAR will not be answered in this class.

STAR Advanced Training classes every other month (February, April, June) with one at University Hospital and one at Victoria Hospital. These classes will be taught by Derrick Gould, and will cover all advanced questions regarding STAR. 

All STAR Interface and Advanced Training will be at 10am or 1:30pm, rotating the times each month.
STAR CPD Accredited Training classes every other month (January, March, May), with one at the VERC at Western University and one at Victoria Hospital. These classes will be taught by Derrick Gould, and will cover the approved CPD STAR content. 

All STAR CPD Accredited Training will be at 7am or 6pm.