Residency can be a tough leap from medical school. We encourage our colleagues to take steps to ensure they don't “burn out”.  The department makes an effort to create social events to improve camaraderie amongst the residents but also to have fun, as we believe it's important to foster a healthy balance between work and social life.  

Our department prides itself in knowing our residents are comfortable, content, and well-cared for.  

In case residents are having a tough time, which may be a result of the hours, lack of sleep, stress of work, or moving to a new place, amongst other things, we've come up with a few resources so they know they don't have to tread alone. 

Resources for Residents

  • Your Chief Resident
  • Support and Counselling options for residents
  • Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry's Learner Equity & Wellness Office provides support and counselling resources, available to all residents.
  • OMA: Provides wellness resources through their website or you may call 1.800.851.6606 for direct access.
  • E-physician Health: is a website that provides information for fellow physicians on difficulties they may encounter.  Contains videos/advice/vignettes. (Please note: ePhysicianHealth.com website is temporarily unavailable.)
  • If finances are a major cause of stress, MD financial (through the OMA) is an excellent provider of financial advice.